Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tick, tick, tick - time and the RBRR wait for no man!

Yes it's close, damn close, for some it will be too close!

Only a handful of days left to go before we all set off for another adventure in motoring!

I've had a morning of RBRR admin today and made the last of the amendments (yeah right!), banked a couple of cheques for additional crewmen and generally tidied up things.

The current running list is here

There have been a few last minute requests for information so for the benefit of all -

Rob Southern is compiling a list of spares that we are all carrying. Don't underestimate the value of this - when you're in a wind swept lay-by on the side of a loch in the pouring rain at 3am needing wheel bearing you will be most relieved to find that that a couple of phone calls will see a fellow participant turn up, hand you the required part and maybe even help you on your way.
Also, don't belittle your own spares stash, everything is useful and although you may not think it important, believe me, it is! Jump into the Form here to get involved - do it now!
Oh and saying that you'll be carrying "the usual" doesn't really help - if you have plugs, points, condenser, ignition leads, coil then please says so.

Virgin Giving pages are here and are a good place to start to set up your own page, it really doesn't take long.
Forms - there are a couple of versions around - all are usable. There is a version with a typo in it and there are versions that have individual pages and two pages together. They are the same document - it's just a single page, printed both sides and folded in the middle.
The link to download the form has been sent out to all valid email addresses several times, if you can't get hold of it email me or Tim and we will send it to you again.

I have brought all changes up to date today. check the list to ensure your car and crew is properly represented. Any errors, spelling mistakes etc, should be corrected by emailing me. This is the list we will use when we publish details in the club magazine and to have finishers awards printed - speak now or be immortalised in print and pewter.
I will be away form my base PC from Wednesday evening, that's when I turn into a participant and cannot change things on-line. I will pick up email and of course text messages.

If you can't make it to the start please do let me or Tim know. I know when you're up to your wrists in gearbox internals at 6pm on Friday and realising that there's no way you can make it, calling me is the last thing on your mind. However, we do need to know if you intend to start or not, call me, text me or even email me - just let me, Tim or Nigel know so we can stand down marshals.

All that remains is for me to wish you good luck and I'll see you at the Plough!


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