Thursday, 12 November 2009

Entries are flooding in!

This Blog has been created to get event info over to all that are interested in the forthcoming RBRR of next year. the 22nd of the series that was first run in 1966.

We sincerely hope that all entrants enjoy the event, the organisational team of James, Jason, Nigel and Tim will be working hard to ensure that the event is as spellbindling brilliant as all the previous RBRR events have been.

The objective of the event is to drive from North London to John O'Groats to Lands End and back to North London in 48 hours over the first weekend of October 2010, some 1950 miles passing through approximately 16 control stops using old Triumph cars. Piece of cake eh!

The entry opened yesterday and already 39no. Club Triumph Members have entered using all the various Triumph car types.

Its still a mystery why the this event is so popular, maybe its the roads that we use, maybe its the camaderie amongst the entrants, maybe its the cars (Hope so), maybe its that it all seems abit weird, its impossible to figure out the attraction of the event! Maybe one should just accept that its all a bit special and stop analysing the event and just enjoy it!

The most important thing to remember is that it has a charitable aspect and this time we will all be doing our best to raise money for MIND, the mental health charity. Last year (2008) the last time the event was run, we raised £67K for the RNLI, without being big-headed, what a fantastic amount!

Anyrate its time to sign off, but keep your eyes peeled on this Blog, save it and pop back to see how we are going. Only 11 months to go.

One of the reasons we all take part-to drive roads like this! As one of our regular supporters states: Take it in top!

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