Sunday, 15 November 2009

96 entries in 4 days!

Thanks everyone who has entered the RBRR, a truely staggering support of our unique Club event! How lucky is the Club to have members expressing enthusiasm for an event!

Looking through the listing I see we have quite a few new entrants and many of the regulars. I for one cannot wait to see the car park at The Plough at 18.30hrs on Friday 1st October next year.

I attended the National Classic Car show at the NEC in Birmingham and seemed to spend the whole day talking to people about the RBRR, possibly my favourite subject of discussion!

Looking through the listing I see that quite a few Club stalwarts have not yet got an entry into Jason and some have expressed concern about this. I think it is important to note that last time we received 147 entries and 35 of those ultimately withdrew. So do not panic!

Jason Chinn has done a sterling job with the processing of these entries and has immediately compiled the Entry List, despite just getting back from Istanbul on business and suffering a bad cold-thanks Jason.

Please help Jason by letting him know about any entry revisions as they happen, please do not wait until days before the start to inform as this time is mega busy for us. We are chuffed about the way all have taken to heart the completion of entry forms and provided comprehensive entry details-thanks very much.

All thats left is for us to organise the event. I am about to start the wrting of letters to establishments that we hope to use for the Control Stops.

I am very encouraged to get on with sorting the RBRR out-thanks!


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