Friday, 13 November 2009

69 entrants so far!

Blimey, 69 entries in two days-I thought last times take up was quick, but this is crazy! Please note that we have reserved 5 places for the Foreign crews.

I have just reviewed the names on the provisional entry list from last time and reckon that 30 or so regulars are missing from the entry. Come on chaps, get those entries posted.

I have not seen the Entry List, but looking through the names and after receiving e-mails from various people I have made the following assumptions.

As usual a nice cross section of Triumph models will be taking part, some notorious RBRR cars amongst this listing. Examples of this being Tim Hunt's TR4A, Nigel Gair's 2000 mk2, Dave Langrick's Spitfire mk4 (The Maiden), and Dale Barker's Herald Convertible.

Being biased towards GT6s I think at least 7 examples will be at the start, these include Keith Dandridges superb silver mk2 and Andrew Moll's lovely saffron yellow mk3. Doug and Katie Foreman are entered in Katie's recently purchased mk2, Doug bought this for her 21st Birthday-lucky girl. Also it will be nice to see Mike and Libby Barrett in Mike's french blue mk3, nice that they will be on the run following their 10CR disappointment. Also I understand that Pat Barber will be bringing his lovely mk1 over from the States-what an endorsement forthe event. Pat has now done 3 RBRRs, two in his own cars (GT6 and mk3 Spitfire)and the last one with Dolomite Sprint man Carl Shakespeare in Carl's gorgeous Sprint.

The oldest car taking part will be the TR Register TR2, nicknamed TS2 after its chassis plate. TR Reg Secretary Allen Forster is taking part co-driven by TR Expert Bill Piggott, should be amazing to see that car on the event. On the subject of TR side screen cars, it is hoped that Andy Flexney will enter using his glorious yellow TR3, have a look at the recent Club Torque magazine to read about Andy's thoughts on his car. Going to the other end of TR cars, Wayne Scott has entered the TR Reg's Coca Cola TR7, this is a early FHC with 4 speed gearbox.

On the subject of late Triumph cars, only one Acclaim I think so far?

As usual I think we will end up with alot of the big saloons taking part, these big cars are so suited to the event being long legged enough to be able to take large mileages in their stride. Reckon on about 30 or so of the different types taking part in the event.

Other intersting cars that are entered are the glorious Standard Ten pick up of Lloyd and Ken McNeil, and the Triumph Courier van of Bill and Karen Davies-blimey its a commercial vehicle event! I do understand that Dave Pearson is not using the Atlas(t) again!

Any rate enough of this conjecture, Jason will hopefully post the full present listing this weekend, so it will be interesting to see the cars taking part.

I must use this blog to thank all the entrants for their support of the Club's premier event, I sincerely hope that the 2010 RBRR is as good as ever.

However, I must make the comment that surely the RBRR is all about the cars?


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