DEL LINES..Weston Super Mares Finest!

LYB864K, aka “Libby” is the first and original Triumph Stag Estate as produced by Del Line at Atlantic Garage. This car was featured in “Motor” magazine in November 1973 wearing the number plate DEL33, as it was Del’s own personal car.

I dragged the remains of Libby back from Switzerland in December 2009 and spent the next 6 years restoring her to the condition she is today. With just over 1000 miles on the clock since the rebuild, I hope to have some more running in done and all of the bugs ironed out before the RBRR in a few months time. Libby has recently been featured in Practical Classics & Triumph World. She also features in a new book on The Triumph 2000 range (due to be published at Christmas) and more recently came 4th in the Practical Classics Restorer of the Year Competition.
Several people have commented on how insane I must be to do the run in this car, but, althrough the rebuild, although I have finished it to a good standard, my mantra was “I want to use this, I want to use this”, and I can’t think of a better way of using this than doing the RBRR!
As usual, my co-pilot and trusty restoration assistant Bradley Lourens will be accompanying me on this, my 10th consecutive RBRR.

I first read about the RBRR when I was much younger and thought it sounded like the ultimate road trip. I did my first RBRR in 1996 with two friends in my Tahiti Blue 2500S. This run is addictive and I love the chance to really get some serious driving in Triumph’s on some superb roads, in the company of some great people, many of the regular RBRRer’s have become some of my best friends and its like a weekend away with your mates, with the chance to pound some miles in a proper car!

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